Monthly Archives: April 2008

Hurray!We’ve finished the bathroom. Now just need to tidy up!A good team – ahead of time; on budget; and as planned. Mel learned some new DIY skills πŸ™‚ Did some plumbing, used the blow torch (without burning anything), as well as tiling. Now she has a bad back! lol!Click below […]

Its finished!

Damn.Its me πŸ™After continuing DIY yesterday skimming a few mm off the bottom of the door, I (like an idiot), kneeling next to it, twisted, and tried to lift it up. Cue sloppy noise; bizzare feelings; an a lot of pain….After 30m to get indoors, next door brought my tools […]

Shit – The Weakest Link…

What a weekend. We had Friday off planning a long weekend away, but decided to continue working on the bathroom instead.So out Thursday with some friends for drinks. Then Friday was chore day, Tesco, Focus, Screwfix etc… πŸ™‚ Then out Friday night, starting early Saturday tiling….Mel having first tiling lessons […]

DIY Tired