Monthly Archives: May 2008

Okay, get up off the floor, these babies are sweet and cuddly! We are fortunate to have a regular fox guest amost on a daily basis, and it looks like her family has grown. Over the last couple of days we’ve seen 4 fox cubs in the garden playing. Last […]

Surprise! Babies we love!

We’re home. And bruised. Good news is Mel passed her tests so is now free to play on the slopes! After a couple of hours every day since Tuesday we seem to be locals. The receptionists know us by name, where we live, and even the instructors know us (Well […]

Snowboarding over – both passed!

Its now Saturday and we’ve been learing to Snowboard at Tamworth Snowdome since Wednesday. We had a full day on Wednesday and have been back every day since! I fluked a pass after the first day (after learning to “ride the rope” quickly to get more goes than anyone else!) […]

Snowboarding is: Challenging/painful/fun

Well – a nice weather long weekend. And sadly, both of us had to go into work on Saturday 🙁We did make up for it. Saturday afternoon, an 8 mile round trip bike ride in to town shopping. Sunday we decided to have a different run. Bad idea, we did […]

A "Relaxing" Bank Holiday – lol!