Snowboarding over – both passed!

We’re home. And bruised. Good news is Mel passed her tests so is now free to play on the slopes! After a couple of hours every day since Tuesday we seem to be locals. The receptionists know us by name, where we live, and even the instructors know us (Well – Mel more than me!)
Today was the last one – and we’re glad. We’re both sore and both quit slightly early today as we could not face another fall. Mels arm is painful and she can hardly drive and change gear (as we had both car and van with us – she had to grin and bear it!), and my bum/spine as had too many impacts and the thought of another is bad enough.
A few good wipe outs, a few new tricks learned (180’s and 360’s) – not always by choice mind.
Water on – time for a much need soak in Radox…..
We’ll do it again – but the real questions are “when” and “how long for”…!

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