Sage has died :(

Sage, our lovely rabbit, unfortunately had to be put to sleep today. On Friday 13th. She did however have a lovely life, pampered by us both, and lived to 10 years 10 months – a good 3 years more than her twin sister. She’d been getting older, a bit more doddery, and sometimes appeared to be in a dream! Over the last day or so she wasn’t herself, but nothing really in particular. Yesterday evening though she was very quiet, and today really wasn’t happy. We had a vet from Mels work visit, and they decided to admit her to her work. She got put on a drip and was well looked after there.

After an x-ray and 3 vets checking her out, they said she had a large tumour, and lots of lumps on her liver. The state of this made it inoperable and the prognosis was clear, the only question was how long she could carry on.

Mel watched her most of the day. She wasn’t eating and also wasn’t happy. She wasn’t stressed, but clearly starting to get distressed. She was very reluctant to move and though at times she looked fine, after about 30 seconds she reverted back to an uncomfortable pose – looked uncomfortable, and really wasn’t happy. After a long debate and spending time with her, it was decided that even another 12 or 24 hours would see her in more distress as she was going down hill very quicky. We could have extended this with a drip, sedation, and force feeding, but we’d be looking at days and she would have been more distress and ultimately would not have been for her benefit.

So we made the decision it would be nicer for her to be put to sleep. If you know us, you know its a decision we would not make likely. We gave Sage gentle sedation and she was very unstressed, relaxed, and whist being cuddled fell asleep before getting her injection.

Sage was our little baby, a big part of our life and we’re gutted (though to be honest – we knew something was due as she was an OLD rabbit!!). We owed her a pain and trouble free departure.

We’ll miss you Sage!

Little goodbye poem from Mel:-

Our Sage
Brave to the last
Gone to meet Spice
Together at last

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