5 min jobs take hours

Mel has been moaning her brakes in her car (Lovely 2001 Ford Puma) have been squeeking. She is right – they were – but only gently. And at least this time she was right…. (Remembering when “There is a noise from the front CV joint” was actually a rear full flat tyre she just drove 20 miles on!!!).
Nothing serious and the brakes were checked recently so it was unlikley to be major.
So – simple job: Jack up car, remove rear wheel, remove drum, check, reassemble.
Removing the dust cap took 20 mins and brute force (not 1 min as expected)
The the hub nut looked like a 27mm nut “locked into position” by a series of folded tabs,
After trying to get these off – realised it wasn’t. 15m on PumaPeople (http://www.pumapeople.com/) realised it was a series of little nuts in a 30mm cage and this needed to be removed as a whole. Bugger. Round trip to Halfords to buy a 30mm socket.
Anyway – everything then came off and there was a little bit of debis in the drum causing the rub. Everything else looked in good nick. So quick reassembly and testing and all okay.
So Thanks to PumaPeople for the info on a 30mm nut!
And sadly I now have to redo the job with a new nut (limited use self-locking nut apparently) and dust cap.
Hey ho. No such thing as a 5 min job.

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