Telling everyone of Plan B!

Unbelievably, we’ve kept our plans a secret from everyone! A few hints here and there – but thats it. Good job too in hindsight!

So – this blog has been converted to integrate into which is our new website dedicated encouraging everyone to do their dream and JUST DO IT rather than become a automatic cog in a big machine.

Hope you enjoy this site and our antics, and feel free to add any dreams you have to the SHARE YOUR DREAM forum

For us, once Mel works her notice (shame! 2 months of restful DIY for me!) we’ll be off to Holland and North Germany for 6 weeks; back for a couple of weeks; then off again to Spain/Portugal for 6 weeks including meeting up with some mates and going motorbike trail riding (leaving Mel with the van). Then after Christmas and New Year on the beach, we’ll be back for a couple of weeks and then off again! No idea where yet!!

The adventure begins!

Time to email everyone and try and see everyone before we go!

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