What a weekend – Happy Birthday Mel!

What a nice long weekend!

Mel was off on Friday, so as it was a lovely day we decided to cycle to Watford along the canal! 30 miles later and all we bought was a pair of shoes for Mel!

Saturday we went to Sandy (Bedfordshire) so I could have my Microliight flying lesson. This was pretty good – apart from takeoff and landing I did the rest of the flying! It was fun and the instructor was cool – but it seemed pretty pointless unless you had somewhere to go. Too many games on flightsims I think….

Then for Mels birthday, I surprised her with an afternoon on the skid-pan near Corby. She did really well – but was a little ill. Hopefully she has got some confidence now in how cars handle on ice which is something she mentioned in passing a while ago….. Be careful what you wish for! We then met a friend in Bedford and had a lovely meal and came home knackered.

Sunday was an easy start, then a 6 mile run (which is gentle for us on a Sunday!). After a nap we did a 10 mile bike ride to town to meet some friends for coffee.

So today is Monday and Mels birthday, and when she is back from work she can have her presents and we’re off out for another nice meal in Egham.

Hope she likes her presents…. Apart from the skid pan, she has a 2.4m2 power kite, a Wii Zapper, travel books, and loads of other bits…. All fun!!

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