Monthly Archives: October 2008

We’ve made it to Hamburg – and just had a great day in the city.  Totally amazing place – loads of “wow” sites everywhere – very impressive – far too much to see in a day.  Weather was superb too!  Only down side was lack of WiFi in appropriate places […]

Hello from Hamburg

Well – what can we say! Day was perfect running conditions.  We were nice and relaxed. However, at 8 miles we both died!  A lot of pain as the picture of Mel at least shows.  I thought I was going to do a really poor time till Mr 1:35 pace […]

Amsterdam 1/2 Marathon

We’ve survived a second week – and surprisingly just in budget!  Had a great night out in Amsterdam last night and are stuffed as a pig today (me specifically should be described as “stuffed with a pig”). Had a busy week (yeah yeah – everything is relative) – over to […]

Week 2 over – Amsterdam is homely

Really pleased how week 1 has gone – all to plan so far and the weather has been very kind!   Assuming this is on the Internet, then the likelihood is that we’ve also uploaded our Week 1 diary entry here.  Also we’ve uploaded more pictures and geo tagged them so […]

That was a quick week!

Thanks for the emails we get!  And yes, sorry for not updating blog or anything else.  Problem is – we are getting Internet access when out and about mainly due to kind people leaving their home wifi on default settings J  So we can read and reply to emails absolutely […]

Poor Internet :(

The sun is certainly shining on us!  Another lovely sunny day and just warm enough for short sleeves.  Spent a few hours with the power kite on the beach doing some “dragging” – and Mel having some more training.  She can now keep it up long enough to make any […]

Lifes a beach….

Well at last, we have started our trip!  We arrived via a very choppy ferry ride to Calais, and trusted TomTom to bring us to our first and only planned stopover.  The journey was rain, rain and more rain, and a bit of a nightmare.  We weren’t looking forward to […]

We have arrived – the trip has started!

What an excellent name for a band! After blasting this out this afternoon we decided the lyrics of one of Scouting For Girls songs was superb and worth a mention! We’ve booked in to see them live in Hammersmith in November when we’re back in the UK for a week […]

Scouting For Girls

Blimey, its been a long time (or feels like it) – but our adventure starts Sunday! Off to Holland to start our big escape. Mel has at last finished work and now getting eager to go….. Just making some final changes to the van – talk about last minute. We’ve […]

ALMOST ready to go!