Hello from Hamburg

We’ve made it to Hamburg – and just had a great day in the city.  Totally amazing place – loads of “wow” sites everywhere – very impressive – far too much to see in a day.  Weather was superb too!  Only down side was lack of WiFi in appropriate places – so unable to check emails.

Three weeks down now and still having fun!  The further East you go – the less people speak English….  So we’re learning well – well by that I mean we’re learning to “S-P-E-A-K S-L-O-W-E-R” and in a French accent – and it seems to work.  Our pocket translator is crap – but our laptop software is pretty good – we’ve even had a conversation “typing” with someone!  Well sort of.


Distinct lack of English around – not seen anyone else at all.  As we’ve not seen/heard the news for three weeks – we assume everything on the island is still okay!



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