We’re as far away as we’re going to be…

We’re in sunny Dresden – well overcast actually – and as far away from home as we’re going to be on this trip.  This sadly means from hereon we’ll be heading home through central (northern) Germany then back in around 10 days or so.  We have a few exciting things lined up so its not like we’re coming straight home.

Dresden appears to be a fantastic place – we’ve only just done a quick tour today but plan a longer day out there tomorrow with a blow out meal in the square.

Wish we’d actually looked at a map beforehand – as we didn’t realise how close Prague was to here – and thats a location we really want to go and see.  Just means it’ll be an excuse to come out here again as we can’t detour as we’ve only got a short pit stop before escaping again.

Got free wifi where we are staying – so we’d better check our Lottery numbers and Premium bonds – you never know…


All photos so far are uploaded and we’ll finish the geotagging over the next beer, and the diary for week 4 should be updated.


Its been a mental and busy trip so far – we are looking forward to bumming around the beach on our next one – our legs need a rest!!

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