We’re off again!

As appears to be normal, the van was in bits the day before we left – but its now reassembled, packed, and ready to go in the morning!

As we had the idea of going snowboarding, we’ve just finished doing everything practical to winterise the van. We’ve removed both fresh and grey water tanks and insulated them to the hilt; insulated all pipework we can get to – including waste pipes; and also fitted a water heater to the cold water tank which should prevent freezing.

We’ve also added some foam backed carpet; fleece blinds, and Mel has packed her hot water bottle!

Hopefully the sun will be out in Malaga and the snow will be out in the mountains!

Back in January sometime!!

2 thoughts on “We’re off again!”

  1. Ryan – You’re so tight that I expect you’re going to walk up the slopes to avoid buying lift passes!

    Have fun.

  2. lol! Good to hear from you Geoff.
    Looking at the Euro/GBP exchange rate you may be right!!!
    However, the main plan is to mix a few days expensive boarding with a few cheap days on the beach flying kites and eyeing up the totty.
    We are assuming we can get the van up an icy mountain in the first place……
    Watch this space!

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