We’re on our way home

Slowly….  Just over 600 miles to go from where we are, and we'll be taking it slow.  Back at the weekend.  5 weeks down – just the one to go 🙁  Sad really.  But not for long – Spain and Portugal await!!
We have free (if iffy) wifi where we are currently staying – and can you ******* believe it!  There is a new series of TopGear which we've missed; Long Way Down has started again; and Spooks has also started!  Blimey!  Good job we can remotely control the home PC to record this stuff – though may need to use iPlayer for the missed versions.  The joys of no TV for a while!!!
Our German has improved – we can now happily order two LARGE beers rather than the poncy small glasses the locals use, and can sort out most day to day things we need to do.  Not very well I hasten to add – but we're clearly surviving.
Can't wait to see the news again and see the mess we left behind……
Oh – and well done to Lewis Hamilton!

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