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OK – we know we said we’d be in Lisbon!  But hey, plans change, and we decided we much prefer the south coast of Portugal, so at the 11th hour we went back to the Algarve.  So very pleased we did – we found a new place and it is […]


We’ve survived to week 3 – and the diary and pictures are uploaded to Really nice start to week 4 – and free wifi!  Can’t be bad! Just making plans for Christmas – probably be in Lisbon. Merry Christmas all!  

Week 3 over

We’re now in the South West of Portugal near Lagos.  Just had a long cycle ride and walk with a picnic exploring the lovely town of Lagos.  The beaches vary from superb sandy to quiet little coves ideal for skinny dipping.  Wind a little too chilly for that mind, but […]

We Are Here…

Yeah – I survived the biking, and Mel survived 7 blokes talking about bikes.  Currently in Tarifa enjoying good weather, good beach, and great winds for kiting!  Much nicer in this area than the “Costas” which we just drove through as it didn’t really look like the type of place […]

We’re alive!

Tomorrow is the start of my motorbike weekend in the Spanish mountains! And I’ve never ridden off road (a slight excursion at Snetterton doesn’t count…) So if I don’t post again you know why….. To cheer you all up, can you believe the weather is still crap in Spain!! We […]

My last ever entry?

hello from madrid. jouney down was heavy rain and cold. into span over the mountains from san sebastian down – and moderate snow! clear roads so okay. madrid sunny but chilly – hope it gets warmer on the coast! we have tans to work on!! — Sent from my mobile […]

in madrid