Monthly Archives: January 2009

Hi   We’re home again after 49 days away for trip 2.  Pretty knackered.  Home for a short while so hopefully catch up with everyone, and looking for ideas for trip 3!   Below shows where we’ve been for trips 1 & 2 so far…..   Anyway – back to […]

Home again

Just leaving Spain through the Tunnel de Bielsa through the Pyrenees into France.  Stopping at St. Lary for a few days to get some final snowboarding in before we come home. Hope the road is clear of snow….

Bye Bye Spain!

Just come back down out of the mountains after 3 days of hard and fun snowboarding.  A little bruised, but what a great time!  Chasing the sun again now until we hit the Pyrenees mountains!   HAPPY NEW YEAR!

From sun to snowboarding!