Home again



We’re home again after 49 days away for trip 2.  Pretty knackered.  Home for a short while so hopefully catch up with everyone, and looking for ideas for trip 3!


Below shows where we’ve been for trips 1 & 2 so far…..


Anyway – back to the huge pile of post L





3 thoughts on “Home again”

  1. Just wanted to congratulate you on your well-written, entertaining and informative website. Your dreams and philosophy for life… are thing I share and you are an inspiration. I’ve just taken VERY early retirement, at 51, from a stressful, senior level, albeit exciting and interesting job in the rat race. I know that’s old to you! I’ve bought a small van similar to yours and I’m off (solo) to Portugal/Spain shortly to tour for a few months – back in time for Glastonbury Festival!! Scotland for the summer and who knows, perhaps Austria and Italy in the autumn….
    Good luck with the rest of your dreams… some I of them I’m ahead of you – the country home (mortgage paid), lots of time driving on safari in Africa etc getting close to the wildlife and, and in my younger years more energetic activities – parachuting, water skiing, ballooning and a few others!
    Keep on having fun, you’ve got it right!… best wishes Karen

  2. What a lovely comment Karen (hope you see this!) – many thanks – glad to see someone else doing it! We’ll catch you up 🙂 Buy you a wine for your stories!

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