We’re off! 1

After a few weeks at home we’re off again.  Heading to Italy via Switzerland.  And thats about all we know!  No plans, no route, we’re just going to see what happens and where fate takes us!  It was good to catch up with a lot of people when we were home and we look forward to seeing you all next time we’re back – or even bump into you in Italy J

Let the adventure begin…..!

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One thought on “We’re off!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ryan and Mel,

    Sorry not to catch up with you earlier. Just to let you know that Rob came off his motorbike last Friday, just started off from home was turning a slight right hand corner (near the playground around the corner from us) when the back went from underneath him. He came off and the bike fell on his leg causing a spiral fracture of his tibia, snapping his fibula and breaking his ankle. Needless to say he’s in hospital having had to have a metal plate put in to pin his bones together. He’s doing really well and we hope he’ll be out and home tomorrow (Fri 27th). We’ve had a fantastic holiday and I’m sure Rob will have time now to sort out the photos!
    How’s the marathon training coming along? Love Netta xx