Its a Flippin’ small world!

Back in November 2008 we met a couple – Barry & Hazel – in a campsite in Holland where they had a little Mazda Bongo camper. We showed our van off and showed how much you can cram into a small space.

Then another “internet contact” was selling his sister van to ours, a Horizons Unlimited Innovation model, and I helped set up a web advert for him. Anyway – he ended up trading it in.

Barry & Hazel decided to upsize a little and saw Andys old Innovation van at a dealer and ended up buying it – obviously trying to keep up with the Joneses 🙂

That was coincidence enough, but yesterday we accidentally bumped into them at Lake Trasimeno in Italy! They were heading South, and us North, and bizzarely we chose the same spot on the same day – and considering this area has oodles of camping spots the probability is really quite low!

Now where is my lottery ticket….

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