Its not ALL plain sailing and fun

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster.

We planned a morning run but it was raining, so cancelled and went to see Lake Geneva.  Geneva was covered in fog and drizzle so nothing could be seen, so we thought we’d stay the night and check it the next day.  Signs everywhere preventing overnight parking.  So we went to a campsite that was more of a mudbath so left.

So we gave up and went to a nice site 5m from Sion in a valley in the Alps.  We then went for a 10m run – 5m one way was great, but the return journey was a horrific headwind which almost killed us.

Getting back I had to fix the vans demister as it wasn’t working.  It also wasn’t documented in the ford workshop manual.  I managed to fix it but in the process broke one of the retaining clips off the cog.  Fortunately gaffa tape was my friend.

Then we got an email from our neighbour at home saying there had been some trouble with scroats who kicked a big hole in one of our fence panels when jumping over it.

Oh joys.

Today has started better waking (with aching legs) with good views of the mountains and  just checked and we won £100 on the premium bonds


See – its not *ALL* fun! J

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