Strangers eMails – thanks!

We just checked our email in Bern today, and we had more emails from strangers (or friends we haven’t yet met!) than from people we know!  And these weren’t from people trying to sell us Viagra, but people commenting on our site and adventure, or indeed offering and sharing their similar adventures.  As the people who actually contact us are the tip of the iceberg of views – we’d like to thank you all!  February saw 936 unique visitors to our website.  And thanks especially to those who found the google ads useful – this has covered my annual hosting bill that has just come in – and will hopefully give us a tank of diesel in the coming months J

If you wish to contact us, you can do so via our GUEST BOOK which allows you to leave your email address (which only we can see) or even contact us in private – otherwise its not easy for us to get back to you!

To help those off you off to Italy and to anywhere we will go, we’ve also started to set up a campsite database of where we stayed which will hopefully be useful – especially as we’ll be aiming to stay in most places for free.

Anyway, thanks for making our day with all your nice emails!  We do read them all  and reply when we can.


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