The tower in Pisa is a bit wonkey….

We’re just in Pisa enjoying the Tuscany area of Italy.  The leaning tower is mightily impressive as is the surrounding old town.

Off into the Tuscan hills tomorrow, then down to some lakes, then heading to Rome for a few days to chill, do the ever mounting stack of washing, and to meet up with some friends for beers and pizza no doubt!

The van is doing really well – some of the roads we’ve been down, the challenges of Italian driving, and the fun camping is fairly easy in our van!  We’d hate to be in something bigger.  Considering we’ll have been away from any real facilities and formal campsites for 10 days without any issues – is anything bigger needed? 

The sun has been glorious over the last couple of days – we’re making the most of it!


1 thought on “The tower in Pisa is a bit wonkey….”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Remember meeting at Afferden, Holland?? Well there is a facinating set of circumstances that I am sure you will find amusing concerning how we found your superb site and why!

    We have read just about every thing you have written about your travels they seem great. Glad you enjoyed Spain and Portugal and we agree Portugal has the edge.

    Must rush off now as we are busy finalising our packing to leave once more on another tour tomorrow. Yet another coincidence we are planning to tour Italy!

    Kind regards
    Barry & Hazel

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