Killer Marathon

For our sins, on 31 May 2009 we went up to Edinburgh for a long weekend and ran the Edinburgh marathon.  Our first.  Unfortunately, the weather was superb and probably the hottest weekend in Edinburgh for years – so not ideal for running.


Of 13,000 full marathon runners, only 8,200 finished which is a huge drop out.


We both had personal targets, and unfortunately we both missed them.  It may have been the heat; the amount we sweated; not enough training; or any other multitude of excuses – regardless we’re both a bit gutted.     Ryan was in a bit of pain from 16m, bit more from 20, but still on target (of sub 3:30) till 24 miles when his legs just stopped working making the last 2 miles a very painful (and slow) almost crying on every step!  Lol!  Mel was on target for just over 4:00 but had pain from 10m which is bizarre as she didn’t have any pains on training runs.


Our final results



10k: 00:46:59

Half: 01:41:33

30k: 02:25:16

Marathon: 03:40:00




10k: 00:53:47

Half: 01:58:18

30k: 02:54:08

Marathon: 04:23:54


Ah well.  At least we finished!!

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