Monthly Archives: July 2009

Hoorah!  We’re managing to get things sorted. We still can’t leave the UK for long (for reasons that will soon become apparent, and no, nothing to do with the Police!). We’re off to Scotland on 8th August via Tamworth for a few days snowboarding practice, then continue north to spend […]

Next trip(s) planned!

I decided I’ve been working so hard I deserve a new toy. Okay – that may be open to some debate considering I’ve only done around 15 days in the last year – but even so – Mel agreed! Most excellent toy – half the fun is repairing it! Its […]

My new toy!

Yet again, we had an excellent long weekend at the WMSki cable wakeboarding lake in the Cotswolds. But for a change we went in a heatwave rather than constant rain. We went with friends, Gowry & Tim, and pushed each other to do some new things. Mel completed a whole […]

Wakeboarding and WMSki Cable Lake in the Cotswolds