Wakeboarding and WMSki Cable Lake in the Cotswolds

Yet again, we had an excellent long weekend at the WMSki cable wakeboarding lake in the Cotswolds. But for a change we went in a heatwave rather than constant rain.

We went with friends, Gowry & Tim, and pushed each other to do some new things. Mel completed a whole lap and vastly improved in the corners. She does need to hold tighter with bent knees on launch though – nag nag nag. The boys were all learning to do a “surface 180” and ride in switch, with us all completing at least half of the corners in switch. Next time it’ll be a whole lap in switch!

It was good to see the old gang there too – they really do try and look after you. We heard other people comment “There is no one-upmanship here” “Everyone is happy to share knowledge” – so keep it up guys – it makes you the friendliest boarding place we’ve been to.

Till next time….

Video below:- http://www.doyourdream.co.uk/wmski.php

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