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(See the rest of our tip index here) The problem with WiFi when travelling We all know the problem when travelling – trying to get Internet access to check our emails isn’t really always very easy.  A lot of the time even legitimate hot-spots always seem to have a flakey […]

Long range Wi-Fi Access :)

Most of our country trips are memorable, but I think I need to take a closer look to the available momentos 🙂 And as I’ve got away with this one, how about a Rabbit one which I somehow doubt Mel will approve of….  

How I need to identify the countries I’ve been to…

As I’ve filled a lot of air gaps around the fridge for winter insulation, we found that in the heat of summer the fridge was unable to lose enough heat to allow the contents to stay as cool as we wanted.  And I mean – beer that isn’t ice cold […]

Fitting fridge fan

We’re fortunate that we don’t need a loan, but at the moment we’re trying to find places to invest our hard earned (!) dosh.  ISAs have a low return; Premium Bonds are dire; so what else is there? Well we found ZOPA which is a sort of Internet Loan exchange, […]

Cheap loans and Good Investment Returns

Seems we have an excellent show near us. We’ll be popping along to look on the Sunday, and also I’ll be working on the Saturday with Roy Wood Transits helping them with their Westfalia and Horizons Unlimited van display.  So feel free to say hi! Details HERE

British Leisure Show – Windsor – 19-21 March

OK – the F1 was a bit boring, so rather than nodding off I’ve converted the old website to this new one. Please feel free to leave comments anywhere you like (they will be read, though I will delete rude and offensive ones!), and let me know of any broken […]


The Sex of a Computer A SPANISH Teacher was explaining to her class that in Spanish, unlike English, nouns are designated as either masculine or feminine.  ‘House ‘ for instance, is feminine:  ‘ la casa. ‘  ‘ Pencil, ‘ however, is masculine:  ‘ el lapiz. ‘ A student asked,  ‘ […]

Couple of computer jokes

Well, we’ve now committed to a 2-month snowboarding trip over Christmas 2010 and New Year 2011, probably covering the entire of the Alps.  So to celebrate we went out and bought some new snowboarding gear – and Mel has even gone a bit girly with “rock-chick-pink” boots (*not* Barbie pink!).  […]

Snowboards and snow trip!

Sorry for being quiet – lots going on sadly which is keeping us in the UK. We’ll be home till the end of April now, but after that depends on fate, luck and the direction of the wind!! We have though made plans through to May 2011, including planning to […]

New Plans