Fitting fridge fan

As I’ve filled a lot of air gaps around the fridge for winter insulation, we found that in the heat of summer the fridge was unable to lose enough heat to allow the contents to stay as cool as we wanted.  And I mean – beer that isn’t ice cold isn’t great is it? 😉

So cue today, after picking up a single thermostatic fridge vent fan from Cak Tanks at the NEC I went about fitting it. 

Technically very easy – connect two wires (live/neutral), stick the manual switch somewhere, then mount the fan.  The reality wasn’t that much different as there is some decent ply at the back of the fridge to allow the fan mountings to be fitted; and the control switch installs neatly in the kitchen area – all accessbile from the rear fridge vent when the insulation is removed.

The only real problem was finding the live feed!  Without a detailed wiring diagram its not easy as the fridge has 240v live; 12v habitation live; and 12v alternator live feeds!  After trial and error the fan was spliced between 2 cables that provide 12v when habitation “AUX” is on and it works as expected.  Just need some hot summer now to test it in action.

Come on summer!

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