Latest update – itching :)

Yeah we’re still alive

Yeah we’re still in UK.  Still.  But, worry not the adventures will continue!

In May we”ve got a fair few UK based plans not really worthy of posting about.  We’ve got some Wakeboarding planned; indoor snowboarding to test our new gear; trips to London and a few other things as well as planning the next big adventures.

Watch this space – we are planning some big trips – just waiting for the odd thing or two to happen…… 🙂

Then you will see the trips so far were just the warm up…….

Website update:  To aid your experience of the website we’ve amended it so that any picture/photo you click has a clever zoom on it.  Okay its not going to change the world, but we reckon its neat 🙂  Click our pic below to see what I mean….


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