Off to Star Wars *LIVE* on 3 April…

We’re off to see “StarWars in Concert” at the O2 on Saturday.  However, some of the comments people have said to us are “Didn’t know you were Trekkies!” etc etc.  DOH!  WRONG FILM GUYS 🙂

When we got married, Mel actually walked down the isle to some classical music from Star Wars when she entered the ceremony….  It wasn’t a standard wedding, but the tune (from the SW Awards Ceremony) actually started off very very similar to the traditional bridle march. 

Anyway – I digress – we’ll report back after the show….

Till then – here is a YouTube  preview so you can see what its about

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1 thought on “Off to Star Wars *LIVE* on 3 April…”

  1. Well – we’re back. Public transport made it challenging as the Jubilee line was closed so we had to use the DLR and then a boat from West India Quays. Wasn’t too bad….

    The show was dissapointily empty – probably, at best, 1/3 full. We were given different tickets so were moved to a floor seat near the front which were apparently more expensive tickets. The amount of empty seats, and empty sections, and indeed the entire closed upper levels meant the atmosphere wasn’t as hot as it could have been.
    The show started in style and the orchestra and music were good and the visuals were quite good – telling the Star Wards story from a slightly different perspective. The penultimate piece was the piece of music we had at our wedding which was nice.
    Overall, our thoughts were echoed by comments we heard from others, in that the show was good but not “stunningly great”. My personal feeling is that the O2 venue is far too big for the acoustics to work well as the orchestra sounded great but you couldn’t really feel the music. Also the film-clip and special effects were fairly 2-dimensional whereas they had opportunity to use the space for 3D effects.
    So slightly dissapointing – 7/10 – perhaps smaller venues would be better…

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