Excellent small outdoor chairs with sun canopy

We had some lovely and comfortable chairs we took away with us, but they were too big and space is precious in a van.  We were also on the look out for a sun umbrella so we can sit on the beach without frying.

After a thread on Motorhome fun where I asked for tips, someone refered me to Kelsyus who do a range of chairs that pack down quite small and have an (optional) inbuilt sun canopy.  They also have optional reclining ones 🙂  They look like


So we decided on 2 reclining ones to spoil ourselves!  The chairs conveniently convert into a back-pack for easy carrying.  Really well engineered.

As you can see, you can get them on Amazon (where there is detailed spec) – however THE CHEAPEST PLACE I found is a small company called BizzyHome who sell them cheaper than amazon and any other place I found – http://www.bizzyhome.co.uk/catalogue/detail.asp?pid=97298&gid=829 £38.82 including delivery.  They aren’t a specialist outdoor supplier and they sell all sorts.  I bought online but also spoke to the company on the phone and they were brilliant to deal with (and no, I’m not on comission for them!)


  • Product size open: 71 x 69 x 80 cm
  • Product size closed: 71 x 17 x 13 cm
  • Weight 3.5kg
  • Ultraviolet sun canopy blocks up to 94% of harmful rays from the sun.

The reclining function took a while to master, and getting the canopy away is interesting, but the chairs are comfortable and the cup holer will be perfect!  They are a little low so if you have back problems then they may not be for you, but as a compromise for size & functionality they are great.  The canopy can be fitted if/when you need it, and can be adjusted in angle with ease to block out the sun and even provide full shade. 

Just need to get them packed now and ready for the beach!

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