Updated POIs for LPG/GPL/Autogas

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When away camping, the availability of LPG is quite critical in order for us to fill up our gas tank for cooking and heating.  In some European countries, LPG is easy to find – in others it is not.

I have scoured the internet and found loads of POI files that, allegedly, contain the locations of LPG stations – some of which are dubious in accuracy.  So, I’ve taken all these, combined them, de-duplicated them, and stuck them in a single file for everyone to use.

Please note – I do not profess to be the original data owner of any of the content, I have just combined the file.  If you believe any of this data is copyright and can’t be used then please let me know immediately.

I have only identified CLOSE POIs as duplicates, so if they are, for example, 100m apart I treat them as different even though they may have the same name.  As such, if you see a couple close together then you know that the LPG station is there *somewhere* – you’ll need to check them all out.  Sorry 🙁

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have any LPG information for Spain, Morocco or Iceland then please let me know and I will combine it.  And also if you are aware of any major omissions (such as an entire company in Italy) then let me know and ideally let me know where the download is.


All these files are provided as-is only.  Use them at your own risk and expect a lot of the data points to be incorrect!  I will NOT be updating single POI errors else I’ll never have time to travel.


I have included POIs in Autoroute 2010 format, TomTom format, and straight CSV format for you to convert as you see fit.  All files are ZIPPED and will need unzipping

For simplicity, all downloads been moved to a single page.  Click HERE to get the free downloads


We use and recommned Autoroute 2010 (the cheaper version) for your laptop  If you want to have GPS tracking and navigation on your laptop, the Autoroute 2010 GPS comes with a GPS receiver.  (Or buy the cheaper one and a serparate USB/Bluetooth GPS receiver from eBay).  We also use an excellent TomTom XL with IQ routes and full maps for Europe and beyond.  We could not survive without Tommy!



There are over 20,000 data points in these POIs though some may be close duplicates.  An example of the resolution for France is shown below (Click to enlarge):


For the TomTom files then you need a TomTom and a bit of experience uploading POIs.  For the AutoRoute files you also need Autoroute 2010 in order to see the map (as per picture above).

You should be able to use the CSV file with any GPS device but I can’t explain to you how as each device is different.  J Davies provides a free POI converter to help you convert between formats.


12 thoughts on “Updated POIs for LPG/GPL/Autogas”

  1. I currently work on Safari/Googlemaps – but having downloaded the LPG POIs I find that I have only one page and very patchy coverage. I assume there are more than one page?


  2. Your .gpx files wont load into MapSource, probably as they were produced from MapPoint/AutoRoute. This is normal for .gpx files produced by MapPoint 2011.

    However they will load into Tyre and when then saved in the Garmin .gpx format, will load into MapSource. But it includes all wpts in a route, so just delete the route.

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