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On our trips we’ve tried to find good wild-camping and hidden areas to stay in overnight and had some absolutley georgeous spots and some naughty ones….   We’ve found finding spots abroad a lot easier than in the UK. This I’ve just joined seem to havea  good list (1600+ for POI […]

Wildcamping for Motorhomes forum

Well it had to happen sooner or later, one of us has ended up at A&E. So which one of us is it?  And what dangerous sport were we doing at the time? Bizzarely, its the one of us who takes the least risks, and doing something completely non dangerous!   […]

Oh no! At A&E! :(

After some successful eBay bidding, we bought two wakeboards in superb conditon (thanks Mike!) and collected them last night from Oxfordshire and then found a pub where they were more than happy for us to have a few beers and stay on their land.  So today in glorious sunshine we […]

New wakeboards :) and scars :(

After my post HERE on an Autoroute 2010 file for the 2010 data I’ve accumulated, too many people have asked me for a TomTom version.  I really don’t want to give it out as most of it is available elsewhere and I do not and never have proclaimed to be […]

2010 Aires, ACSI, Camping Cheque, Boardatlas – TomTom GPS

Todays email of Martins Money Saving Expert newsletter reminded me to check our EHIC card – which fortunately is still valid but due to be renewed in a few months. (PS:  His weekly newsletter is quite useful if you want to be frugal :)) If you don’t have one make […]

Don’t forget your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)