New wakeboards :) and scars :(

After some successful eBay bidding, we bought two wakeboards in superb conditon (thanks Mike!) and collected them last night from Oxfordshire and then found a pub where they were more than happy for us to have a few beers and stay on their land.  So today in glorious sunshine we went to Wmski again in the Cotswolds and had another outing.  Boards are great, and the guys there couldn’t believe the price I paid (sorry Mike!) and they reckon they could resell one for almost the price I paid for both 🙂

So now we have our own boards, it means we can play on the ramps.


They aren’t as easy as the regulars make them look and I had a bit of a fall (pre face-plant) and bruised and sliced my knee.   Oops.  didn’t stop the fun though and I got better at some Ollie 180’s and riding in switch.  I also did a few more ups onto the ramp (gently) and only managed one more face plant.

Wild camping just outside Gloucester tonight in a glorious spot with stunning views and of to Wales kayaking for the weekend.  Glorious!  Hopefully find somewhere to wild camp there as we’ve got nothing booked….

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