Oh no! At A&E! :(

Well it had to happen sooner or later, one of us has ended up at A&E.

So which one of us is it?  And what dangerous sport were we doing at the time?

Bizzarely, its the one of us who takes the least risks, and doing something completely non dangerous!   So despite all our dangerous hobbies we still end up here!

Its Mel….  And how did she end up there?  She got out of bed.  And yawned.  Thats it.

Unfortunately (not that I’m saying Mel has a big mouth or anything) she dislocated her jaw and it got stuck open.  NHS direct said to go to A&E immediately and we’ve been there since.  She’s had some pain killers and Diazapan and some other injections but they can’t get her jaw back, and all the specialists are at a jolly, sorry, training course at another hospital, so she needs an ambulance transfer to another hospital as she is being sick and can’t go in a car. 

So – now we know – dangerous sports are in fact less dangerous than simply getting out of bed!

Update:  After eventually getting to another hospital and a failed reset of the jaw and some laughing gas, a bigger doctor was able to reset Mels jaw okay.  5.5 hours in A&E and you will be pleased to hear Mel is fine and no longer in pain.

2 thoughts on “Oh no! At A&E! :(”

  1. Oh that sounds so awful. I bet you were in terrible pain Mel. Glad that it got sorted eventually. OOhhh doesn’t bear thinking about.

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