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On our trips we’ve tried to find good wild-camping and hidden areas to stay in overnight and had some absolutley georgeous spots and some naughty ones…. 

 We’ve found finding spots abroad a lot easier than in the UK.


I’ve just joined seem to havea  good list (1600+ for POI download) of validated spots in the UK as well as an active forum if you know anything new or have any questions about it.

The site is free to join and look around with limited views, but subscription of you want access to the full downloads.  I think this is right as if the data was fully public then the quiet spots would be overrun.

Some people think wild-camping is wrong and inappropriate.  For clarity, to us, Wildcamping is simply finding somewhere nice and unique to spend a day/night and then move on leaving no mess whatsoever and being as discreet as possible. 

If this sounds like the sort of thing you enjoy then pop over to

and see if you like it!

3 thoughts on “Wildcamping for Motorhomes forum”

  1. Brilliant website! We’re finding lots of hints and tips for our Cavarno 2 purchased in Nov from Roy Wood Transits. Would love to see your adaptations so hope you may be at the open day tomorrow if you have time before your big trip. If not, have a great time – look forward to reading your blog.
    Thanks for the wealth of useful info.

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