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Well just come back from the Extreme Academy at Watergate Bay from my Kite Surfing lessons.  So – did I look like this? Sadly not. Carl my instructor was a top bloke and did all he could, and alas even despite is hot air (not aimed at me most of […]

Kite surfing @ Watergate Bay

Just a quick update before our next major trip starts next week. We’re currently having a watersports break which started with a couple of Wakeboarding sessions, one for the ladies at JBSki at Thorpe Park (for Mel obviously, though Ryan enjoyed the show! 🙂 ), then up to WMSki in the […]

Short watersports break before trip…

(See the rest of our tip index here) There are a couple of electrical questions that keep coming up, this is one of them.  At home, you have constant 240v power supply from the mains, and thus pretty much everything you have connects to 240v.  Most modern “portable” appliances however […]

Do you need an inverter (240v) in a van?

At last – the moment we’ve been waiting for! We’ve exchange contracts on our house sale, so as of the end of July we’ll be able to cut our ties as we are “moving in” with family, meaning that we can undergo some major trips without the worry of keeping […]

WooHoo! Next massive trips starting end July!!

For those that think we’re just bums and travellers, well can’t really argue, but really I’m also an techncial IT manager.  So for us, having a laptop when away is key.  We have a Samsung NC10 which is a perfect little laptop, but for some things its a little too small […]

New Laptop – Ideal for taking in van

We don’t normally post anything about short UK trips as everyone tends to do them and we don’t normally have anything to add to peoples experience. However, we’ve just come back from 5 days in the Peak District and had a superb (though tiring!) time.  As mentioned on a previous […]

A few days wildcamping in the Peak District