In Paderborn, Germany, Pink Floyd tomorrow…

OK  -not “the” Pink Floyd, but a Rock Philharmonic Orchestra playing Pink Floyd in Schloss Neuhaus which is a very pretty nearby castle.  Looking forward to it, and hope the weather holds as it is outside!

Speaking of outside, why is it the WiFi hotspots we find don’t have benches nearby, so we look like a couple of tramps sitting on the floor outside a bank using a FON wifi hotspot (via BT Broadband account).  Annoyingly Zeez Germans seem to secure most of their wifi (it is a legal requirenent) so Wifi is more difficult here but far from impossible 🙂

Paderborn is nice enough and have a nice central place to stop tonight, then we’ve got rough plans to meander through some smaller German towns from Munden heading north so expect to hit Dennark in maybe 5-10 days.  Who knows! 

All well with us anyway.

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