Skive (ing) in Denmark

Hi from Denmark.  Weather much better today – phew. 

Just in Skive and unlike its namesake we’re not skiving, we found a laundrette so sadly doing a huge batch of washing.  The good news is we moved the van to a convenient parking space where there is unsecured wifi in range and my long range aerial finds it well 🙂  So rather than watching the machine go round we can have a cuppa and some free internet time.

We are enjoying this trip despite the wind, and as you can see the beach isn’t quite bikini weather.  Heading north to the most northerly point over the next few days, then we’d have covered most of Jutland, then off to Fyn (Funen) and Zealand for Copenhagen in a week or so?  No idea really!

The Danish are very friendly and their English is perfect (fortunately)!

Thanks everyone for all the emails – nice to catch up with everyone.


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