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After 7 and a bit weeks we are heading for home, and the total trip will be a record 8 weeks. Seems to be an age and also too short at the same time. Got a fun route planned back so won’t be rushing. Dairy update for w7 and w8 […]

On way home

We’re in Faborg in Denmark, almost Denmarked out!  Probably back to Germany in the next day or two, then home in maybe a week?  Scary!  Poor van has just clockd 37,000 miles – still on original tyres which are still legal. Just. Probably be 38-39k by the time we swap […]

46 days away so far…

Hi all Our diary blog of week 6 has just been uploaded.  As usual on rereading the week we can’t believe how much we squeezed in!  Currently just entering the island of Mon and found some WiFi in Stege in the high street, so we’re parked in the middle of […]

Week 6 of Denmark trip diary added (Copenhagen)

Eeek. Wasn’t me.  No doubt my parents will hear and I’ll get the usual worried call!  (Last time it was the earthquake that flattened L’Aquila just after we left).  Anyway – we’re okay and apart from the traffic jam around the station noticed nothing till watching the news on […]

Bomb blast in Copenhagen

Hi Something I’ve been meaning to do for ages – I’ve got all our aires imported into Googlemaps and the map embedded into our Aires database page.  See This should make it easier for you to see where we’ve stayed and to get ideas relevent to an area you’ve […]

*NEW* Google map view of our Aires/Wildcamping database

Hi I’ve just created a new section called “Country Facts” where I hope to spell out real world tips and facts for each country that may help visitors – all based on our real world experiences.  The new Denmark one is HERE Please feel free to take a look and […]

*NEW* Country Facts – Denmark

Well we’ve made it to Copenhagen and had a bit of a mare trying to find somewhere decent to stay.  Its not that easy to find a place to camp in a major capital city.  Found somewhere about 10km out and will take the train in over the next few […]

Copenhagen here we come!

Well our 5th week away is over, our second full week in Denmark. Had a very busy week this week, seen and done far too much as usual.  Though now, sadly, hometime is on the horizon so maybe only 10 more days in Denmark,  a week in Germany then home.  […]

Week 5 over – diary added

If you are going to go to the NEC motorhome show in October then you may have the pleasure of seeing both Mel & I there! As we know our van, the Horizons Unlimited Cavarno 2 so well, we’re employed by Roy Wood Transits for the week to show people […]

We’re confirmed for NEC Motorhome show 12-17 October 2010

Just down the road is badfart. No bottomfart or fanifart yet. In bar drinking beer at £7 each though they are 750 ml 🙂 been to legoland today. For free. Knackered and will sleep well. Awainting nice waitress to bring us food and maybe more beer. Nice view over fjord […]

In middelfart denmark