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As you may know, certain services like BBC iPlayer actually work out where in the world you are and sometimes stop you from accessing certain content. This is a right pain if, for instance, you want to watch the Christmas Day Special of Dr Who when sitting in France… Well, […]

Tip: Get UK Web content (eg iPlayer) abroad

We are in Valloire, and if you want to know more about at and why, then see and the official site for Valloire

We are here:

(See the rest of our tip index here) Our panel van conversion is professionally made and pretty much to a high standard and well insulated, though it was never sold nor suggested it was winterised.  I’d guess most campervans aren’t designed with heavy winter use in mind, so I thought […]

Tip: Winterising a Panel Van Campervan

After a couple of iffy days of low cloud, poor light, and snow blizzards, today was absolutely stunning and showing off the area to its stunning self.  Really very pretty and superb.  Great sky, great snow, and hardly anyone out playing. How can these pics not tempt you over?   Hope […]

Come to Valloire! Snow is SUPERB!

Merry Christmas everyone! We’re still out having fun in the snow, though today it was hell! We had to buy some goggles but then wondered why the slopes were literally empty. Well – we found out snowboarding in maybe 5-6″ of fresh virgin power, in a blizzard, unable to see […]

Merry Christmas!

Our week 1 diary for our snowboarding trip has been added – click HERE to see the trip index or HERE to go to week 1 directly. Also – our pictures for this trip are located HERE Amazingly, think we’ve got better weather than the UK here!  Snow is great, […]

Snowboarding Week 1 diary…

Oh dear. -18’C last night. Pipe from fresh tank to pump is frozen. Pipes behind cooker are frozen (which I can’t get to in order to insulate). Waste is frozen. Giving up with onboard water so drained everything I could down and we’ll just use fresh container and waste bucket. […]

Oops. -18’C. Pushing our luck I think….

Blimey.  Its worse than we imagined…  We got up to snow, and after driving some more we got more snow – and as the forecast was even more snow we decided to head to Valloire – cue 5 1/2 hours of snow driving…   Our snow tyres worked well even […]

At Valloire – snow & snow chains…

Eek. Have we bitten off more than we and the van can take?! Last night was very cold outside, though inside we were snug as a bug! However, one of the cold water pipes to the kitchen tap froze overnight – and it froze “behind” the cooker. So I can’t […]

Cold and Freezing Water…

Bye everyone!  Been great seeing everyone we squeezed in – another great weekend with too many people who we would want to spend more time with.  Van packed, not a single empty hidy-hole, though no doubt after the Christmas goodies, chocolate and biscuits have gone then it’ll be half empty.  […]

We’re off!

Well over the last few weeks we’ve been down near our old home doing some work (!) – yeah yeah.  But we’ve been out with some family, some very old friends, new friends, and very new friends – some of who we just “knew” from the Internet and similar travels.  […]

Friends, Family and prep ‘n’ packing