Cold and Freezing Water…


Have we bitten off more than we and the van can take?!

Last night was very cold outside, though inside we were snug as a bug! However, one of the cold water pipes to the kitchen tap froze overnight – and it froze “behind” the cooker. So I can’t get to it in order to add insulation.

Also the windscreen washers froze solid, and okay I forgot to turn on the heated jets thing (Good old transit!), but even so I was using neat screen wash for extreme winters. I’ll have to blame my dad as I nicked his…

According to our Northface Ski Resort app the resort we’re heading to is -10 (max) to -26 (min) tomorrow! Eek. I think that may be trouble ahead….

Only other problem is all our potential water/waste stops are frozen and/or closed for the winter – so not ideal aire/wild-camping season – something we didn’t consider.

Gas heating is working very well – need to fill up the gaslow tomorrow…..

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