Friends, Family and prep ‘n’ packing

Well over the last few weeks we’ve been down near our old home doing some work (!) – yeah yeah. 

But we’ve been out with some family, some very old friends, new friends, and very new friends – some of who we just “knew” from the Internet and similar travels.  All we can say is WOW to how welcome we’ve been made to feel, and how well looked after we’ve been!  We’ve been well fed; had great company; and been made to feel welcome everywhere we’ve been. 

Even offers of washing, water and all the other campervan essentials!

So thank you all – its been a great few weeks….

But now, we’re bac in Suffolk packing.  The snow tyres were tested earlier than expected and so far so good!  We’ve arrived back and have loads of Xmas presents to pack; new bikes (for our Alpine SUMMER trip – watch this space); snowboarding gear; new snowboard crash helmets, and loads of other bits n bobs I’ve been buying on ebay over the last few weeks.

Our ski passes (entire year) have arrived – and despite the rediculous low cost, we’ve been given some free days at an Itallian alpine resort. 

And not only that, I won £125 on premium bonds; got £150 on some dodgy venture capital fund, and £65 from Google!  My luck is in.

But even better, I had a wisdom tooth removed at the hospital which I was dreading.  Really dreading.  But amazingly, the NHS saw me an hour early.  In and out within1o mins.  Only slight pain for the injection then no pain after (even though tooth wasn’t proud of gum.  And after the injections wore off – no pain  – and I mean I can’t tell a tooth has been removed!  PHEW!!!!

So all being well we’ll share our luck over the next few weeks, then head to France on 13 December as planned.

THANKS AGAIN to all friends, new and old, and we hope to bump into some of you soon!


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