Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! We’re still out having fun in the snow, though today it was hell! We had to buy some goggles but then wondered why the slopes were literally empty. Well – we found out snowboarding in maybe 5-6″ of fresh virgin power, in a blizzard, unable to see any contours or markings isn’t exactly fun when you have no concept of whether you are moving or not or if you are about to hit a bump or not. Needless to say we fell a lot then went back for a cuoppa. Maybe when we get good…. Loads of fresh snow so we’ll see tomorrow if we’re going to go boarding before our Christmas breakfast – the usual bottle of Champagne, Smoked Salmon etc followed by whatever chocolate we have wrapped up! Hence we need to go boarding first or not at all – I’m sure boarding semi-drunk is frowned upon. Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL! xx

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