Oops. -18’C. Pushing our luck I think….

Oh dear. -18’C last night.

Pipe from fresh tank to pump is frozen. Pipes behind cooker are frozen (which I can’t get to in order to insulate). Waste is frozen. Giving up with onboard water so drained everything I could down and we’ll just use fresh container and waste bucket. I’ve disabled the main pump so the toilet still works without making the main pump run. That said, inside the van is very warm – the floor is the coldest bit and considering there is loads of insulation there its a bit annoying. So thick socks and slippers needed. The small oil radiators are sufficient by themselves for a comfortable t-shirt inside (20+) so fan heater not yet needed.

Oh – my back box (which contained the hookup lead) froze solid and the key wouldn’t turn… Bit of a catch 22! Got it open eventually….

Had to move van to “our” slot this morning – and for the first time ever it really struggled to start – 5 or 6 times before it fired. Oh dear. At least the engine antifreeze is working well.

The site has wifi but only in a “room” near reception – which actually is a great warm room, nice seating, coffee, TV etc, but wifi is only a home spec router which the guy said only works in that room. Last night we were close to the building so could access it, but now we’re 100m away – but amazingly my aerial works well! Must be the lack of air molecules up here.

Got van set up now – boards and stuff are inside and fit as planned, so just need to tidy up and we’ll venture into town and explore.

Weather is currently glorious sunshine so hopefully some of the big clumps of ice will fall off the van!


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