Snowboarding Week 1 diary…

Our week 1 diary for our snowboarding trip has been added – click HERE to see the trip index or HERE to go to week 1 directly.

Also – our pictures for this trip are located HERE

Amazingly, think we’ve got better weather than the UK here!  Snow is great, sun is shining, and life is good!

3 thoughts on “Snowboarding Week 1 diary…”

  1. Hi Guys,Really like your website,great to get up to the minute reports on road and snow conditions.Looks like you are having a great time!!We hope to be in your area in early January,we usually stay in a resort for a few days then move to another;is it possible to overnight at the main lift or in the town?Does your campsite allow non residents to fill and empty tanks for a small charge,most seem to.Sorry about the questions!!!Anyway,keep enjoying yourselves and try not to worry TOO much about us in the UK!!

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi

    Valloire is quite a small resort but there is parking available – there is a road next to the river near the campsite where I’ve seen other vans. There are also about half a dozen “fixed wild campers” there! There is also an aire for fresh water but waste would be iffy and can’t see toilet waste. No drive over waste either as all frozen.

    You can ask at the site but I’d say just stay one night and you get hookup and full facilities for €21 a night which isn’t bad.

    We were going to do what you do – as in move between resorts – but the season ski pass (in advance) was so cheap it made sense to stay here for 5-6 weeks, then we’ll move to Orelle and another resort in Itally where we’ve got some free passes (3 days free with our Valloire season pass). Advanced pass was €199!!!! Bargain.

    Any more questions do ask – it is actually a rather good place to be!


  3. Hi,Thanks for your prompt reply!We also use the Belgian motorways down to Luxembourg,mainly because they are toll free and much the cheaper fuel in Luxembourg,time is not that important as we are retired and make it up as we go.We don’t go near Brussells,got stuck once before!The route we use is Lille A7 south of Brussells;A7-A4 Namur then swing south to Luxembourg down A4 to an aires at Dudelange which last year had water and disposal facilities working well!Have used the aires in Metz by the river,no facilities just parking,but very handy.
    Where do you park in Orelle,we love The three(nee four)valleys skiing,but do find it very busy but like the distances you can cover in a day eg Orelle to La Tania is a great journey.Now we tend to head for the smaller French resorts that are not in the brochures.

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