Tip: Get UK Web content (eg iPlayer) abroad 1

As you may know, certain services like BBC iPlayer actually work out where in the world you are and sometimes stop you from accessing certain content.

This is a right pain if, for instance, you want to watch the Christmas Day Special of Dr Who when sitting in France…

Well, you can now get Expat Shield which is a free software tool that creates a secure VPN tunnel to a UK ISP and thus makes it appear if you are in the UK and hence you can get UK content. 

(Why do services try and restrict you when there is always a way around it?  Daft)

Anyway, the downside is that when running ExpatShield shows you adverts but this isn’t too much of a pain and you can turn Expat Shield on/off whenever you need so it isn’t always running.  Seems to work well, but do your own research of course, and enjoy UK Internet content!

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