Tip: Get UK Web content (eg iPlayer) abroad

As you may know, certain services like BBC iPlayer actually work out where in the world you are and sometimes stop you from accessing certain content.

This is a right pain if, for instance, you want to watch the Christmas Day Special of Dr Who when sitting in France…

Well, you can now get Expat Shield which is a free software tool that creates a secure VPN tunnel to a UK ISP and thus makes it appear if you are in the UK and hence you can get UK content. 

(Why do services try and restrict you when there is always a way around it?  Daft)

Anyway, the downside is that when running ExpatShield shows you adverts but this isn’t too much of a pain and you can turn Expat Shield on/off whenever you need so it isn’t always running.  Seems to work well, but do your own research of course, and enjoy UK Internet content!

1 thought on “Tip: Get UK Web content (eg iPlayer) abroad”

  1. Expat shield is a security software that provides a security tunnel for the bbc programs.It works with windows XP/7/vista.

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