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Sadly, here in Valloire there has been little snow of recent.  Pretty much the town is clear and the slopes are getting a bit icy and are very hard and packed snow. The forecasters keep getting it wrong too – WE WANT MORE SNOW!  On the bright side, our French […]

Où est la neige? Voici la neige!

Our week 4 – 6 diary has been uploaded to – not that interesting I am afraid as we’re not doing much campervanning – just boarding! First real damage today 🙁  Ripped my trouses – think it is the impact shorts body armour that caused the damage.  Bugger.

Weeks 4, 5 and 6 dairy added

Yes – had our first bloody injury here.  Nothing too serious.  I dropped my razor when shaving and it cut my finger.  It would not have been so bad if it wasn’t a Gillette Fusion 5 blade job – so 5 parallel cuts and a lot of  blood.  🙁  Could […]

Snow is melting – blood, pain, and…

Wow.  What a contrast.  6-7cm of snow yesterday and the slopes are superb.  On top of that they are fairly empty as people are back at work.  So today was an excellent days snow boarding.  I spent most time with Mel coaching her (like I’m an expert!?) down some reds […]

Superb day here!

OK – s’pose we can’t gumble that much.  We’ve not had a decent dump of snow yet this year and as its getting a bit warmer, the roads in Valloire and paths are like (well, actually are) sheet ice.  Cue a few falls when out and about…  Snow has been […]

What a naff day here :(

Hi all. Our diary for the last 2 weeks has been uploaded – click here if interested.  As we’re staying put for at least another 4 weeks we’ll not be doing weekly updates. Hope everyone is having a good time! R&M

Week 2 & 3 @ Valloire Diary updated

Hi all 2010 was a busy year as I had to upgrade our website twice.  In 2009 we had 9420 unique visitors, but 2010 saw us reach 22,947 unique visitors to this site! Wow!  With over 184,000 page displays and 1.17 million hits.  Astounding!  Glad to see so many people […]

DoYourDream 2010 Web Stats

Haoppy new year everyone. After a cock up meaning we didn’t have a meal out last night, we did still see the fireworks over the slopes and some fun at the Snow Ball.  Lots of french kids throwing fireworks at each other.  Reminds me of an old enterprise I had […]

Happy new year from Valloire!