Où est la neige? Voici la neige!

Sadly, here in Valloire there has been little snow of recent.  Pretty much the town is clear and the slopes are getting a bit icy and are very hard and packed snow. The forecasters keep getting it wrong too – WE WANT MORE SNOW!  On the bright side, our French is improving and also we’ve had training in the snow park (which is in great condition).  So if there is still a shortage of snow we’ll have to resort to practicing railies and jumps!  (Watch this space for some video….)

There has been a load of snow in town, albeit in the form of a snow sculpture contest.  Some stunning sculptures (more pics can be seen in our album HERE)

We’ll have to see what the snow does from here to see if it is worth staying another couple of weeks or to move on to the Pyrenees.

Below is one of the ice sculputres for last week – clearly modelled on Mel! 🙂

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