Snow is melting – blood, pain, and…

Yes – had our first bloody injury here.  Nothing too serious.  I dropped my razor when shaving and it cut my finger.  It would not have been so bad if it wasn’t a Gillette Fusion 5 blade job – so 5 parallel cuts and a lot of  blood.  🙁  Could be worse.

I’ve also got man-flu.  No women understand this, but I’m man enough to keep boarding through it though, of course, too ill to do housework.  Got a tickly cough left and a few aches – though not sure all are man-flu related.

Sadly, its nice t-shirt weather here – clear skies and warm.  This is of course having an effect on the snow, and with no snow forecast for the next week its not looking great.  Some of the slopes are very hard and icy which makes it difficult for us (at our standard at least).  There is a sprinkling of snow on top which helps, but it does mean some big offs….

There is one lovely long run with the last 600m or so being undulating, so you need to carry speed into it in order to make it to the end without having to “snowboard-shuffle”.  So today, got the hill before it right, aimed round the 90′ corner that you need to be quick round only to find it being sheet ice.  Cue a good test of all my saftey gear – though I did sprain my wrist and am a bit sore 🙁  Almost every boarder fell off there (bar the annoying experts). 

So pray for snow – we need some….

(And thank goodness for Nurafen!)

Edit:  Next day, Mel who was pain free, got wiped out in style by a female snowboarder.  Poor Mel now has whiplash, sore neck and shoulders and can’t bob her head any more.    Thank goodness for our stock boxes of Nurafen!

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