Superb day here!

Wow.  What a contrast. 

6-7cm of snow yesterday and the slopes are superb.  On top of that they are fairly empty as people are back at work.  So today was an excellent days snow boarding.  I spent most time with Mel coaching her (like I’m an expert!?) down some reds – and she seemed to change into a boarder today actually riding the board with great control.

The only downside was on a chair lift with 3 seats.  Mel normally takes the middle, me the one on the right. Today though, she slipped before getting on so I helped her up then as the chair came she took the right hand seat….  Meaning my arm that was about to hold the seat got caught and there was no where for me to go apart from spinning off into a pile of snow….

Bizzarely Mel didn’t actually realise where I’d gone – she must’ve thought there was an invisible 4th seat…  Only another bruise for the collection.

Did a bit off piste today in fresh powder which was most excellent, though you have to keep moving fairly fast else you sink (like wakeboarding).  I looked like a snowman at times, but it was excellent.

Off to bar tonight for live music – so come on everyone get over here and join us!!

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  1. Hi Ryan and Mel, Great blog, very informative! We bought a motorhome after hiring and taking a 10 day trip to Scotland in 2009. By August the same year we had made our purchase. March 2010 the house was with a letting agent and we began our 6 month Europen Vacation! We loved every minute of it. Our first port of call was the ‘french alps’ to visit our younger daughter Sophie who was completing her third season as a chalet host, 2010 she was in Tignes le Lac. We had visited Sophie in Tignes les Brevieres in 2009 and dave had spotted motorhomes in the car park. From Tignes les Brev we proceeded to Valloire and stayed on the St Thecle campsite for approximately 5 days or so. From Valloire we went on to Vaujany, Alpe d’huez and finally Montgenevre spending around 5 weeks in the alps. From there we made our way down to Sisteron, Provence, Menton and then into Italy visiting Cinque Terra and Tuscany then up to Lake Garda and Como to meet our eldest daughter and boyfriend. Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland were next before we returned to France in August and then back to UK at the end of the month. We are now ready for our next trip which is a month in the French Alps so Dave can satisfy his passion for snowboarding and I can enjoy the scenery and maybe ski a little too. We may be back to Valloire in March so maybe we will see you there. Enjoy your trip and keep up with the blogging!!! Jacqui and Dave

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