What a naff day here :(

OK – s’pose we can’t gumble that much.  We’ve not had a decent dump of snow yet this year and as its getting a bit warmer, the roads in Valloire and paths are like (well, actually are) sheet ice.  Cue a few falls when out and about…  Snow has been forecast a few times but never really materialised.

We’ve still been boarding pretty much every day, and after a few falls and bruised coccyx I bought some impact shorts locally ( same as http://www.wedze.com/EN/protective-shorts-95304774/ ) .  The slopes have been okay but icy in places, and in some others you can see there is  a need for another few inches of fresh snow.

This morning however due to high winds a large part of the resort is closed so we had to use the other side of the resort where I found the slopes were a lot icier…  So yep, I had a major wipeout and heard a few things cracking as I bounced along the ice.  I was actually suprised when I did a body check after and found everything was intact and working, though no doubt I’ll ache a bit in the morning.  The helmet, wrist guards, and my new impact shorts proved their worth.  I decided to get off the mountain, grab a cuppa, and save it for another day.

Mel however has been on a course which would either have been great due to the conditions, or dire….  Only time will tell….

Oh – and woohoo!!!  12cm snow due to fall in next 24 hours!  Bring it on!!!

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