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Week 11 has seen us cover some miles, from north Spain down to Granada where we are sorting stuff out before heading up the mountains tomorrow for some more snow fun. This week we’ve seen some lovely bits of Spain which has been a nice surprise, as well as some […]

Week 11 blog added, going snowboarding again!

10 weeks away!  Blimey – does the UK still exist?!  We’re actually 1/2 way through week 11 having been in Spain a few days, and just had a day in Monestir de Montserrat – very impressive indeed.  We seem to prefer in-land Spain to the “costas”…  All going okay – almost running […]

Week 10 blog added

Well we’re still in France, currently 50m from the med and its sunny.  Wind has gone which is annoying as I want to get the kite out!  Pleasant spot so will chill here for the day/night. Week 9 blog is HERE  and if you want to see the entire trip […]

Week 9 blog added – France/Spain border

All okay here though our stocks of Nurafen have run out – that tells a story! Weeks 7 & 8 diary blog is now uploaded here Trip index (including photo links) is here We’re now heading south-west slowly, still in France, and just seeing where fate will take us!

Blog weeks 7 & 8 added – heading SW

Today I managed to get a couple of final hours of boarding in – pelvis and neck sore so wasn’t that fluid on the board, but I survived! Lovely day here today but no fresh snow or any forecast, so we’re heading SW slowly towards Montpellier via all the little […]

Leaving Valloire :( Heading SW…

After a good day playing in the park, doing rails, a few jumps and a bit of boarder-cross, I was just planning on venturing back to the van when….. …Into the snow-park and did a small jump really well, then on to the next bigger jump (which I’d done a […]

Ouch. No more boarding for me for a while ...

(See the rest of our tip index here) Learning languages isn’t natural or easy for us, neither of us came from school with a language or really got taught a language well.  Before our travels we asked for tips and we were recommended Rosetta Stone; Michel Thomas; and I also […]

Learning to speak a language – French with Michel Thomas

Here are some poor pics of todays fun at the snowpark. No animals or humans were overly hurt during the taking of these pictures….

Fun at the snowpark